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Recording Management Information

Duration: 02 Day Workshop
Venue: Hammersmith-London

The aim of this course is “to develop knowledge and understanding of providing basic management information in an organisation to support management in planning and decision-making. This training provides the basic techniques required to enable the candidates to understand cost classification, cost control and cost behaviour and apply these to management decisions.

Class Name: Recording Management Information
Training Instructors: Adeel Lodhi, Ahmar Nizami

Accounts assistants, management accountants, managers with no understanding of finan-cial and management systems as well as any one aspiring to go on to professional account-ing qualifications.

The objectives of the course are to:

  • Explain the nature and purpose of cost and management accounting.
  • Identify source documents in a costing systems and correctly code data.
  • Classify costs by nature, behaviour and purpose
  • Record costs for material, labour and expenses
  • Provide information on actual and expected costs
  • Use the spreadsheet system in Microsoft excel
  • Cost classification and behaviour.
  • Break even analysis.
  • Material, labour and overhead costs.
  • Cost behaviour and decision making.
  • Absorption and marginal costing.
  • Standard costing and variances.
  • Job, batch and process costing.
  • Use of Spreadsheets.

London: 30th April – 11th May, 28th May – 8th June, 11th –
22nd June, 9th – 20th July, 5th – 16th Nov., 12th – 23rd Nov.,
12th – 23rd Nov., 10th – 21st Dec.

Dubai: 8th – 19th January, 22nd Jan – 2nd February, 5th – 16th
March, 2nd – 13th April, 8th – 19th Oct., 19th – 30th Nov.,
27th Aug – 7th Sept.

Madrid: 5th – 16th March, 3rd – 14th Sept.

Amsterdam: 14th – 25th May, 24th Sept. – 5th Oct.

Accra (Ghana): 14th – 25th May

Houston (Texas): 16th – 27th July, 27th Aug – 7th Sept.

Fee: $8,000 (2 weeks)
$4,500 (1 week)

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