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HMC has a proud reputation of delivering world class, customer focussed services to individuals and organisations Since 2004, we have been offering a wide range of education and consulting services to a diverse group of individuals and corporate clients world wide. Our clients include public as well as private sector organisations such as the Line Ministries, Ministry of Education, National Health Services, local councils, education trusts, Banks and Hotel Groups.Feel free to send us an email at for a free consultation.
HMC Training
Our corporate courses are tailored to meet the requirements of personnel at all levels of employment.
We have combined our own expertise with a number of well-reputed organisations around the world to provide
consultancy services in the areas of education management, information technology and HR development
HMC, as a Global education provider, specialises in the delivery of shorty courses and vocational qualifications
What we do for you
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Our services
Short Courses
Customised Training
IT and HR Support
Accounting Services
Education Management
and Safety

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