Abusive Behaviour Policy

Abusive Behaviour

As an Organisation, Hammersmith Management College (HMC) has very low tolerance towards overly aggressive, offensive and abusive behaviour

We expect our clients to use the established procedures and appropriate channels of communication to bring and resolve all formal complaints.

We do not expect our staff to tolerate behaviour that we consider to be unacceptable, and will take action to protect our staff and learners from any such behaviour.

We will, for example, not accept communication that is:

  • abusive, offensive or defamatory
  • aggressive, threatening, coercive or intimidating

If a complainant’s behaviour is deemed to be unacceptable, we will explain the reason(s) for this and will ask the complainant to change his/her behaviour. In case the unacceptable behaviour continues, we may take immediate steps to restrict the complainant’s communication with the Organisation.

The complainant will be issued a written warning, setting out reasons as to why his/her behaviour has been deemed unacceptable and the actions we propose to take. Any restrictions imposed will be appropriate and proportionate.

We may consider taking the following actions:

  • Requesting contact in a particular form; in writing only
  • Requiring that contact takes place with a single, named individual (eg Director International Affairs)
  • Restricting contact times for the complainant (Friday pm only)
  • Asking the complainant to appoint a representative to correspond with us on his/her behalf.

In extreme cases where complainant’s behaviour is so unacceptable that it threatens the immediate safety and welfare of our staff and learners we may consider reporting the matter to the police and or taking legal action.