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Certified Transformational Leadership

Certified Transformational Leadership (CTL) award is endorsed by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).  CTL programme has 6 modules which are delivered and assessed by a panel of specialist tutors from HMC/Pro-Masters. ‘Certified Transformational Leader’ award is equivalent to a level 7 Post Graduate Diploma in the UK. The entire CTL award can be completed within 6 months

The above programme is suitable for; middle to senior managers working in government organisations, employees working in the private sector as well as individuals who aspire to be mangers in the near future.

Progression-MBA top-up

Upon completion of the CTL award, participants will have the option to register for their MBA (top-up) course with York St John, University. Learners will simply need to complete a 10,000 word dissertation. Successful submission/completion of dissertation will lead to MBA qualification from York, St John’s University.

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Face to Face Model

CTL Modules are generally delivered in pairs- 2 modules are delivered over 4 full days (one residence). The entire 6 modules are delivered over 3 residential courses generally 6 to 8 weeks apart. Course delivery will be organised in participants’ country of residence (or at an agreed nearby destination) and training sessions will be conducted by our specialist panel of tutors approved by CMI. A level 7 CTL award can be completed within six months.

Tutor Live Model

The entire programme (6 modules) will be delivered as a combination of ‘tutor live’ learning as well as face to face interaction towards the end of the course. Modules are delivered in pairs and will generally be 6 to 8 weeks apart. Tutor Live version follows a course structure which involves 4 out of 6 modules to be delivered using professional Zoom sessions- a robust virtual learning platform.

Final 2 modules will be delivered as a continuous 4 day residential course (face to face) in participants’ country of residence (or at an agreed nearby destination)

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