Regulation For The Digital Age

Course overview

In order to promote technological, market and regulatory trend of convergence, a good policy which is clear, transparent, and avoids unnecessary burdensome conditions should be in place which allows flexibility and reduce conflicts arising due to policy imposed restrictions. This course has been designed to educate participants on the critical aspects of regulating the digital age.

Employees / managers in the regulatory Organisations.

The objectives of this course are, to:

  • To provide participant with requisite skills in ensuring regulatory flexibility and address market and technological developments
  • To ensure that the transition to a converged licensing framework fosters a level playing field among all operators
  • To ensure efficient utilization of network resources, so that individual networks may be used to provide a broad range of ICT services

Our “High Impact Leadership” course comes up with following outline

  • Overview of Regulation for the Digital Age
  • E-Privacy Regulation: Electronic Communication Channels
  • Regulatory Prohibition of Permanent Roaming
  • Telecommunication Network and Infrastructure
  • Resource Optimization and Regulation
  • The Auditing Risk Model
  • Utilization of Audit Findings
  • Audit Management and System
  • Sources and Cost of Infrastructure Components
  • Information Policy
  • System Analysis
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
  • Usage of Control Measure
  • Information Systems Analysis

London: 6/17/2019 – 6/21/2019, 7/22/2019 – 7/26/2019, 9/23/2019 – 9/27/2019

Fee: £1995

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