Advanced Office Management And Effective Administration Skills

Course overview

In today’s global economy, the management and administration of any organization, is to empower the organization, by making sure that their personnel are in a strong position to compete in the worldwide market. This course enables participant to identify and examine the key components of office Administration Skills

Administrative Personnel, Personal Assistants to Senior and Middle Executives, Secretaries and officers involved in managing records in organisations

The objectives of this course are, to:

  • Expose participants to the skills needed to function effectively in their organisation
  • Educate participant to be creative and innovative
  • Increase the participant’s abilities and communication skills for greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Educate participants on how to build and work effectively and collectively for the success of their organisation

Our “High Impact Leadership” course comes up with following outline

  • Overview of office Management
  • Aligning personal Purpose to organisational Vision and Mission
  • Administrative Skills Essential
  • Self-Empowerment and Self-Management
  • Decision making policy
  • Managing Difficult Boss
  • Creativity and thinking outside the Box
  • Conflict and Anger Management
  • Managing Meetings effectively and efficiently
  • Building self-confidence
  • Building Effective Skills
  • Communication Management
  • Managing Working Relationships
  • Managing Time
  • Self-Motivation, Leadership
  • Establishment of standard performance
  • Measurement of actual performance
  • Assertiveness
  • Trends in the ICT

London: 7/15/2019-7/19/2019, 11/18/2019-11/22/2019

Fee: £1995

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