Innovation, Creativity and Problem Solving

Course overview

For Any organization in this 21 century to succeed and remain useful, it has to embrace the ever changing way of doing things for efficiency and better result. Creativity drives people to discover how creative they can be when taking a humanistic approach to problem solving. Innovative thinking is also the key for building a successful career and organizational development. In this course participants will be exposed to, how to be creative and have an open mind to innovation and be part of it.

Senior Staff, Heads of Departments, Sections, Units and others who want to be innovative.

The objectives of this course are, to:

  • Make good decisions through creative thinking for Business Success
  • Learn how to think creatively to solve problem
  • Help to actualize new Thinking skills
  • Solve issues by creative and innovative ability

Our “High Impact Leadership” course comes up with following outline

  • Experimentation, exaggeration and entrepreneur persistence
  • Brainstorming for achievement
  • Creativity, Collaboration Means Innovation
  • Finding Solutions to Complex Challenges
  • Divergent and convergent thinking
  • Formulated Testing and enhancing new ideas
  • Designing strategies, and techniques for the digital age
  • Positive thinking and self-development
  • Change Management initiative
  • Effective communication and impact
  • Interpersonal Skills and Team Spirit
  • Theories of creativity
  • Creative thinking information system
  • Idea and Value creation
  • Creativity principles in management
  • Problem-solving processes
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Delivery of innovative solutions

London: 10/21/2019 – 10/25/2019

Fee: £1995

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