Course overview

The significant growth in wireless broadband traffic has had a major impact on future mobilenetwork architectures. The evolution of these technologies is changing our way of living andempowering a wide range of applications and business models that span among differentcontexts. This course will provide participant with a key understanding of 5G technologiesbefore diving into the deployment scenarios, service offerings and monetisationstrategiesthat will justify telco’s investment in the future network.

Staff in the ICT, Telecommunication and Regulatory Sector

At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Gain an essential understanding of 5G as a techno
    logy and opportunity for new services
  • Understand how 5G will impact on consumer and enterprise markets
  • Learn key details on how 5G service offerings

Our course comes up with following outline

  • Overview of 5G network Architecture
  • Mapping the future of 5G: Your road to readiness
  • Potential 5G Technologies and spectrum requirements
  • Current Development to 5G Realization
  • Socio economic implications of 5G
  • Leading the industry into a new age of innovation
  • Looking into the Future
  • Unlocking Commercial Opportunities from 4G Evolution to 5G
  • Setting the Scene for 5G: Opportunities & Challenges
  • The Requirements and Challenges of 5G Communication
  • Factors Driving the Need for Improved Wireless Networks.
  • Why Standards Are Important in the “Race to 5G”
  • Factors Affecting 5G Deployment
  • Spectrum Allocation
  • Global Harmonization of Spectrum.
  • Security Concerns with 5G Deployments
  • Worldwide 5G Spectrum Allocations and Targets
  • Challenges, Deployment, and trails of 5G
  • The 5g Ecosystem: Risks & Opportunities

London: 10/21/2019 – 10/25/2019

Fee: £1995

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