Education and training quite correctly are the means by which we can improve employability and create opportunities for the learners in the competitive job market

Hammersmith Management College with a ten year proven track record is suitably poised to offer effective educational support with the distinct aim of improving management expertise, facilitating educational access, and enhancing the quality of education. Our academic team ensures that the curriculum offered is specifically tailored to meet the needs of particular leaner groups so that they not only acquire new skills but hone the existing ones.

We specialise in the delivery of short courses and vocational qualifications where curriculum is suited to meet the needs of specific learning groups and consequently has the overall impact of enhancing leaners’ skills in the competitive job markets.

Our Programmes

We currently offer following vocational/professional courses:

This is not a comprehensive list and we can always assist you to achieve in other academic areas. Please download HMC brochure for complete details

HMC Admissions

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HMC policies

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Education Partners

Over the years HMC has established education links with well reputed institutions from Europe, South Asia, North Africa and Middle East.


Mali Graduate School

Mali Graduate School (MGS) is a prestigious educational establishment based in the Bamako Republic of Mali. HMC signed a protocol in October 2010 with MGS for implementation of offering:

(i) Corporate Courses in banking, finance and general management

(ii) English Language courses in preparation for UK and USA English Language proficiency courses

(iii) UK degree foundation degree courses

Eastern Caribbean Institute of Banking and Financial Services-ECIB

ECIB provides professional development courses for the staff of institutions across the financial services sector, and assists its members to develop and implement best practices, to enhance their ability to compete in the changing global economy. HMC and ECIB entered into an exclusive partnership in 2012 to train candidates in accountancy, business administration, health, safety and wellness, customer service and tourism management.


















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