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Change Management for Higher Productivity

Against the back-drop of change being the only permanent phenomenon in life, organisations need to evolve management systems and styles that will enable them to remain highly productive while coping with change.  This course aims at introducing participants to the techniques of effectively managing change in order to make their organisations to be highly productive and competitive.

Senior Staff, Heads of Departments, Sections, Units and Employees in charge of Corporate Planning.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Have a deeper understanding of the impact of change on organisational productivity.
  • Get acquainted with the techniques of change management.
  • Identify the strategies for applying the new knowledge and techniques in their Organisations.
  • Overview of Change Management.
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Planning and Introducing Change.
  • Features of Change
  • Resistance Issues in Change management
  • Handling People in the Change Process
  • Strategic Communication in Changing Times.
  • Providing Support and Empathy.
  • Changing Teams.
  • Team and Personal Strategies for Making Change Happen.
  • Monitoring and Evaluating Change.
  • Critical Success Factors in Change Management.
  • Encouraging Creativity, Innovation, and Knowledge Building.
  • Creating Strategies for Overcoming Barriers to Change.
  • Measuring and Sustaining Organisational Change.
  • Future Roles and Accountability.

Location and Date:

London: 8th – 19th January, 2nd – 13th July, 13th – 24th Aug., 20th – 31st Aug., 17th – 28th Sept., 3rd – 14th Dec.

Dubai: 29th Jan – 9th February, 26th Feb – 9th March, 2nd – 13th April, 30th April – 11th May, 14th – 25th May, 30th July – 10th Aug., 1st – 12th Oct., 29th Oct. – 9th Nov., 26th Nov. – 7 th Dec.

Houston (Texas): 12th – 23rd March

Madrid: 18th – 29th June Accra (Ghana): 16th – 27th July

Amsterdam: 22nd Oct. – 2nd Nov.

Fee: $8,000 (2 weeks) $4,500 (1 week)

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